Services Offered


Our experienced associates will consult with you to ensure that the bespoke solutions match the unique needs and goals of learners in your company. Successful training requires a well-planned training solution and it is a significant investment for many businesses. We will have a series of meetings with you, review existing training strategy and plans in motion and identify how these can be streamlined to meet your company’s strategic objectives.


Companies spend a vast amount of money annually on training, so with such a sizable investment it is important to prioritize and focus on the right type of training. We provide subject matter specialists in culture, well- being & personal development who can collaborate and design high-quality and engaging content based on their vast expertise and industry best practices.


Online training allows remote groups of people to collaborate and learn from each other/other industries & organisations with minimal logistical costs. Our niche service offering. We will work with you to identify your training demand and support the development of your annual training schedule and plan your future trainings making it a seamless and smooth experience for everyone. We work with you to ensure your organisation is receiving the highest quality learning solutions, including changes to existing courses, training process optimisation or the securing of additional training suppliers for your expert learning solutions, our aim is to provide support to make a tangible difference to your learning processes.

We also offer our own suite of training courses, these are provided on- line, either as exclusive for teams or organisations or as open enrolment.

1:1 Executive / Business Coaching

Our coaching service is about transforming people so they can perform better, achieve their goals and find meaning in what they do. The coaching services are offered on a one hour, 1:1 basis and provided primarily via Zoom, Microsoft teams or other on-line services. If you are interested in this service, please click here to book a coaching consultation with one of our fully certified ICF& PCC coaches.

We use a microlearning platform for post-learning reinforcement. This is a digital training follow-up tool available as an app on mobile phones designed to increase the impact of the training session, be fun and interactive and trigger behavioral change  in order to maximize ROI.





Short in duration, 3-7 minutes, but no more than 20.

It focuses on a specific concept, skill, idea, topic.

Relies on a variety of content, including text, presentations, infographics, video, audio

Microlearning and mobile learning are a match made in heaven!

Project Management Services

We realise that training projects are complex and present a variety of nuances, so we work with your organization to deliver complete project management services from project initiation to closure. From the onset of a training project, Margaret & Associates will work with you to meet your organisational milestones managing the costs, time, scope, and quality.

We help move your Learning Strategy forward so that you can use your additional time to focus on developing and driving forward the strategic learning plan.  We help provide a clearer ‘demand plan’ for training that is aligned to the business priorities, tightening up administrative inefficiencies, eliminating the duplication of training and ensuring that the right development needs are met through the most appropriate learning approaches. Through end-to-end learning management we help you achieve ROI on your learning. We are committed to doing things your way not ours to seamlessly integrate our process with yours so that to there is minimal disruption to the end user. We make it easy for you to leave the operational and daily management of learning to our experienced customer support team.

Supplementary services

We provide additional expertise where required and our admin team are available to support companies wanting to transform their L&D function.

Learning Administration


For smaller organisations without a dedicated HR department or those who have but want to outsource their learning services, our Learning administration services provides the following services.


  • Sourcing training suppliers if specific courses are required not offered through our portfolio of courses
  • Manage bookings including sending booking confirmations, joining instructions and managing any last-minute changes and cancellations
  • Scheduling of training courses
  • Virtual classroom set-up


For more established organisations with an inhouse LMS, Margaret & Associates help you deliver results by providing LMS Administrators who can manage a variety of LMS platforms offering daily operational and learner support. By resolving functionality issues and enforcing high quality standards we will ensure your LMS is operating correctly and is generating analytics to enable measurement of training use/effectiveness.

Greater end user experience and significant time and cost savings are bottom line benefits to outsourcing your training services to Margaret & Associates International.

We save you time and money, bottom line. Outsourcing time- consuming administrative duties will reduce time spent on managing supplier relationships and let you spend more time concentrating on tasks that add real value to your business.

Outsourcing to Margaret & Associates will allow for increased control over spend. All of your costs will come on a single detailed invoice, not from multiple providers. Significant time and cost savings and greater end user experience are bottom line benefits to outsourcing your training services to Margaret & Associates.

Supplier Management

We understand the supplier market in L&D. We have worked with them for many years so know we know who to use, who to avoid and which suppliers will be the right fit for your company. Gain access to learning expertise to stay abreast of the latest developments in learning as there is value in working with a company that has a wider view of what’s happening in the industry. Managing training suppliers for any organisation can be time consuming and challenging and our independent vendor management service lessens these pressures. Our access to and experience with numerous global training providers can provide the best training solutions to meet your needs. We would be your Single Point of Contact for all your training suppliers and supply quality training providers with an established global footprint, sourced from an approved supplier list. We provide ongoing management of supplier relationships, whether introducing new suppliers or continuing with your existing trusted suppliers. Suppliers will be managed to inspire better learning, increase performance and provide measurable returns on investment. We would undertake regular reviews and closely monitor trainer performance to maintain high standards of quality. Our vast experience working with learning suppliers allows us to negotiate cost effective rates resulting in cost savings.

Other Services Offered


  • Preparation and review of Request for Proposals (RFP) – Project managing the process including setting up the meetings to review the list of potential providers, assisting with shortlists and sitting in on those companies shortlisted to offer insights to enable quick decision making.
  • Organising bespoke events including speaker engagements from around the world
  • Supply and IP management of digital course materials where necessary.
  • Personality profiling by our certified Associates using tools such as Myers Briggs, Effectiveness Institute Behavioural Styles Assessment, Core Strengths, Insights Discovery



Improving your employee value proposition, to help you retain and attract the best talent for your organisation and help you achieve a return on investment for your learning. We enable you to enhance employee performance and productivity through efficient training management and appropriate training. Training can be located and booked with relative ease and “less fuss”

By utilising our team of experts, Margaret & Associates will save your organisation from incurring any unnecessary expenses and help overcome all challenges your training initiative may bring.


By utilising our team of experts, Margaret & Associates saves your organisation from incurring any unnecessary expenses and helps to overcome all challenges your training initiative may bring.
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