About Us

Margaret & Associates International is a leading global provider of services that optimise the business impact of learning. For more than a two decades, our team of highly skilled learning professionals have defined and implemented plans, processes and technologies that transform training interventions – creating measurable value for the some of the world’s most successful corporations. 

Learning as a Source of Strategic Advantage

In today’s dynamic, competitive marketplace, learning is vital to business growth and resilience. The faster your learning programs empower employees, customers and partners with relevant knowledge and competence, the better. Our team of learning management experts focuses on three core strengths:

Strategies: Management consultants, who align learning and technology with business goals.

Services: Specialists, who streamline and drive functions such as training administration, project management, measurement and content development

Solutions: Specialised modules we implement to enhance the value of whatever learning systems our clients use, tailored to your team and the outcome you need.

Our Values

Cornerstone to our success

Margaret & Associates have proven successes in adult learning methodologies and their fields of expertise. A continual pipeline of interesting and challenging engagements enables us to att1ract and retain the highest quality learning and development
(L&D) professionals in the industry.

Our Associates Pool Consist Of


Coaches (PCC and ICF certified)

Graphic designers

Instructional designers

Culture change agents

MBTI & NLP qualified practitioners

Agents of diversity

Brilliant speakers

Project & Programme Managers

Performance consultants

Meet the team

As energetic communicators we utilize over 25 years of training experience to provide a wide range of new skills to develop. Our varied background in retail, sales, HR, management, engineering, marketing and training combined with extensive commercial experience gives us a rare combination of professional qualities.   Using our experience, we translate complex and sometimes overwhelming terminologies into uncomplicated and clear concepts.


Margaret is a seasoned operational and learning & development professional with over 30 years’ experience. She is a recognised thought leader, highly passionate making others successful and helping make a positive impact to people’s lives.

With a keen eye for detail and meticulous approach, she is highly skilled at managing large projects, remote teams, facilitators / coaches, budgets and executing delivery of training programmes.

Margaret has extensive commercial sector experience in the IT and shipping industry and is currently a director at Ethical Reading responsible for operations & marketing.


Over the years Margaret has earned the reputation of being a trusted advisor in learning management. Citations from business partners on LinkedIn include…..

“She’s a fabulous colleague and co-worker with outstanding results orientation, superb dedication to customer satisfaction and excellent team collaboration skills. I always appreciated her high level of accountability and attitude of transformation and leading change.” Senior L&D Consultant, Microsoft Corporation.

“Margaret is a first class Consultant who is dedicated and focused. It is a pleasure to work with such a professional.”

Training Provider




Working with many global brands such as Microsoft, Pfizer, Bayer, KPMG and Fujitsu, Earl uses his energetic facilitation style to inject business relevance, high levels of engagement, fun and positivity into everything that he does.

In February 2015, Earl became a Senior Associate of GiANT WORLDWIDE, one of the foremost Leadership Development Consultants in the world. Earl has gone on to design, develop and deliver a number of these Leadership Programmes worldwide, which focus on multiplying leadership qualities and transforming organisations.

Earl enjoys a successful career as a Master Facilitator and Business Coach, and he uses his exceptional coaching skills and style to fully engage and involve business audiences worldwide to make money, save money, look good and feel good.


Kim has spent the past twenty years tapping into powerful techniques across many modalities to enable her clients to realise they are important in their world.

She helps busy professionals clear out old emotional and mental baggage so that they can become more themselves, to take back control of their lives so that they become more empowered to be themselves, be happier , healthier and more wise about the hidden aspects of themselves they have that unlock their lives.

Kim works with clients focusing on the key topics that people experience such as money, time, health, work, relationships etc.


Senior Consultant & Executive Advisor, Martin has a 29-year history of work with individuals, teams and organizations helping them clarify what they want and focus on getting it.

Martin works on the systematic development of individuals, teams and organisations and has provided management development and consultancy services to a wide range of private and public sector clients throughout Ireland, UK, US, Europe, Middle East, & Asia.

Martin’s bias is that the real strategy of an organization depends on the decision process that determines actions that serve short term, long term and transformational goals. Organizations that have created decision clarity have the ability to create outstanding results are great places to work.


Maryam is a global leadership facilitator, change consultant and executive focused coach who has extensive design and delivery experience across a range of businesses.

She has a +20 year track record working at all levels of organisations providing facilitation and coaching through an organisation. She is engaged by organizations, CEO’s, executives and leaders to help strengthen their leadership capability, build high performing teams and achieve the organization’s vision.

Maryam is a dynamic and engaging facilitator who focuses on results for clients and as a neuroscientist, Maryam helps clients improve their behaviour through understanding the latest findings in brain science and its impact on our day to day life and business.

With her evidence based, solution focused approach combined with her highly personable style, customers experience sustained behaviour changes and achieve extraordinary results.


With her vision for a world where women and the feminine style of management become more significant and more highly valued alongside the more results-driven masculine style, in more normal times Rachel Maunder works with professionals to help them develop a confident professional brand, so they communicate their own value with greater confidence and make more impact.

In her work she draws on her experience as a counsellor and as a magistrate. her natural gift for finding balance and humour in any situation and as an excellent communicator herself. Passionate about helping her clients break through their limiting beliefs, Rachel draws on her natural gift for seeing a way forward to inspire them towards greater self-confidence, in turn raising their organisation’s confidence in them as leaders


Tamsin is a Certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) Practitioner and is passionate about helping individuals and teams have the lightbulb moments that arise when people discover their MBTI type.

Her background is over 25 years in the NHS, the last 16 years of which she helped manage an NHS Regional Education and Training Organisation in London. She’s worked as part of many teams in previous roles and knows the benefits of an increased self-awareness and a better understanding of others.

She now helps clients work better as teams, enhance their communication and make better decisions, based on helping people discover what makes then ‘tick’ and appreciate that others may ‘tock’.


By utilising our team of experts, Margaret & Associates saves your organisation from incurring any unnecessary expenses and helps to overcome all challenges your training initiative may bring.
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